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"Totsville has been amazing for my son, Andre. He has grown in ways that I could never have imagined. Totsville has been a loving and nurturing environment for our 3-year-old. We have seen him blossom at the school and he is always asking if it's a school day. He loves Totsville! And we do too! I love that there are teachers at the school who have children going to the school also. I can feel that it is truly a family environment and that makes it so much easier for me to go to work and leave my little boy for the day."

Anonymous Parent

"I have a lot of good things to say about Totsville, prior to enrolling my daughter there, I was worried if I could leave her in a child care center and have total peace of mind. I checked online for different centers and compiled my list which I later narrowed down to five. My first visit to Totsville and my mind was made up. The conducive environment and caring teachers won me over instantly. The teachers know each student, their strengths, their developmental pace and how well they relate with other students. There’s been tremendous improvement in my daughter’s vocabulary, her words are clearer and better constructed. She is always wanting to go to school which wasn’t so when she started. She loves her teacher as she talks about her daily when she’s back from school."

Anonymous Parent

"My boys have been at Totsville childcare learning center for four years, and they love it there. The staff and entire management are angels, and I won’t hesitate to recommend them to any parent. TOTSVILLE is like family to me after all these years. My kids always look forward to the next school day, and I am impressed with the knowledge they impact on the children. I never thought I would be comfortable with some other persons taking care of my children. I am grateful for TOTSVILLE for the extra care they shower my kids, the environment is very conducive for learning, and the facility is well secured for the children. Kudos to you guys, I will be coming around to say hi soon!"

Tracey A.

"I am not the type that gets swayed easily, and I tend to get too anxious about leaving my kid with some other person. While I was checking out different childcare facilities for my kid, I came across several childcare with little or no regards for security or hygiene. I almost gave up on searching further until I stumbled on Totsville’s website. I spent a long time on the page, and I decided to book an appointment. I met with the management, and I was impressed by their methods and how committed they are to the kids’ welfare. I took a tour of the facility, and it is ideal for learning. The facility is well ventilated, and security is adequate. The location is just perfect and very accessible. I am also glad that my child is well taken care of. The staff are lovely and professional. I haven’t had any reason to worry about my child since he started going there. I can’t say enough thank you to Totsville childcare. You people are fantastic!"

Lauren F.

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