Flexible, Affordable, Safe, Caring and Certified Childcare Preschool Kindergarten Hybrid Care

Our Goals & Core Values

Mission Statement

The goal of our relationship with each child is to develop trust and security; the hallmarks of a happy, self-sufficient child. We view our role as a partnership with parents and assume full responsibility to support parents and combine our efforts to meet each child's needs. We believe that meaningful, open, and frequent communication is the tool for meeting our commitment to a positive relationship with each parent.

Our Goals

At TOTSVILLE, we strive to:

Develop positive self-images

Encourage friendships and cooperation with others

Develop and enhance gross motor skills

Develop and enhance fine motor skills Acquire daily living and self-help skills such as hand-washing, dressing, toileting, etc.

Develop oral receptive language skills

Encourage problem-solving and decision-making skills

Encourage development of pre-literacy skills

Encourage development of mathematical skills

Encourage cooperative learning and play

Core Values

Each day at TOTSVILLE is filled with a multitude of opportunities to encourage children’s healthy life-long development. To help build strong, realistic self-images in young children, we offer:

Genuine enthusiasm for effort and accomplishment

Intriguing experiences

Honest, specific, descriptive praise

Meaningful activities in which children make real contributions