Age 4 yrs - 5 yrs

Butterflies PreKindergarten

Building upon the foundation of preschool concepts, our Pre-Kindergarten program’s main focus is Kindergarten readiness. It is our goal to prepare your child socially and academically for the demanding years of Kindergarten and grade school they have ahead of them. It is amazing just how much the children can learn while enrolled in our structured Pre-K programs. Phonics, writing, cutting, critical thinking, social interaction, and developing a child’s independence are just some of the topics taught throughout the year. Our Pre-K teachers develop fun and developmentally appropriate activities using the curriculum goals that TOTSVILLE Childcare Learning Center has developed.

The children are also taught the importance of taking pride in their accomplishments as well as a sense of self-importance. Developing good self-esteem in our students is very important to us. We want every child to enjoy and feel successful at school so that their enthusiasm for learning will carry on throughout their education.

Activities Include:
Outdoor Play
Field Trips
Open-Ended Art
Creative Art
Story Time
Social Studies
Water & Sand
Play Colors & Shapes
Cooking Experiences
Music & Dance
Play-dough and Clay Manipulating
Small & Gross Motor Activities
Introduce New Ideas
Number Recognition
Flannel Board Activities
Language Experiences
"Show & Tell”
Story Telling/Public Speaking
Parachute and Relay Games
Guests Speakers
Class Trips
Phonemic Awareness
Writing Skills
Letter Recognition & Letter Sounds

TOTSVILLE's Pre-Kindergarten Children Learn To:

Work Independently and With Others
Share and Take Turns
Explore and Expand Abilities and Interests
Listen to Others
Develop Feelings of Security and Success
Express Thoughts and Ideas
Develop Self Help Skills
Follow Directions
Problem Solve
Use Their Manners Be Kind to One Another
Respect Their Teachers and Adults
Be Responsible for Their Belongings