Are You Concerned About Physical, Emotional and Educational Delays?

Free School Age Flexible Hybrid Learning and Before/Aftercare with Transportation

Hybrid learning is an educational model where some students attend class in-person, while others join the class virtually from TOTSVILLE. Educators teach remote and in-person students at the same time using tools like video conferencing hardware and software.

Many public schools transition to hybrid learning for flexibility: a flexible learning schedule, flexibility in teaching modes, flexibility in how students engage with their learning materials, and flexibility in collaboration and communication between peers and their instructor. For students who aren't able to attend classes in-person, the hybrid learning environment allows them to learn remotely from TOTSVILLE.

Totsville will be providing FREE Before/Aftercare and Hybrid Learning Options where children will be involved with remote learning using multiple platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom, or any other technological tools required by the public schools. To qualify, please contact us for details