Additional Features & Services

Exciting & Playful Learning Environment – Totsville's environment has been designed to stimulate your child’s senses and imagination. Space design, colors, and lighting were researched and carefully chosen to create the best environment for learning and caring.

A Loving and Caring Staff of talented and highly qualified teachers and assistant teachers. Many of our teachers are working on advanced degrees in teaching and early childhood development.

Spacious, Natural Outdoor Playground featuring fabulous play structures, tricycle paths, train, and landscaped walkways to promote physical fitness.

Totsville's Summer Academy - Children forget 30% of what they learn over summer vacation. Totsville provides a Summer Academy Program for children three to ten years of age. This program is specially designed to increase children’s knowledge and grow their skills while having fun interacting with other children and with their environment.

Delicious, Nutritionally Balanced Meals & Snacks Provided – We have a full-time trained cook on staff who plans hot, healthy meals and delicious snacks, featuring a great variety of fresh fruits and fresh or frozen vegetables. Menu items are USDA approved.

Flexible Programs – we accommodate busy families by offering a flexible schedule.

Play-Oriented, Age-Appropriate Curriculum tailored to your child’s interests. Focusing on emergent reading & math skills, approaches toward learning, gross & fine motor skills, personal hygiene, cognitive thought, social interaction, emotional and moral development.

Fantastic Field Trips for pre-K and Kindergarten-age children.

Meticulous Cleaning & Sanitizing of the facility, equipment and toys. All small toys are cleaned and disinfected several times each day. Large toys and cribs are cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day. Linens and sheets are washed regularly. Cots are cleaned and disinfected on Fridays.

Secure, Developmental Setting: your child will feel like they’re going to their home away from home.

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